Kilo / Honč architectural studio from Bratislava renovated an apartment according to client’s needs and wishes. The interior was rearranged in a way that has no strict spatial boundaries, only few elements placed in specific points, offering numerous opportunities. 

One person, one animal and „peace of the soul“.

The original scheme of the apartment did not fit the brief for this project. We wanted to arrange the interior in a way that achieves a feeling of lightness and ethereality. Something that is big and small at the same time.

On one side there is a bit much, on the other a little. To define the space, but also not to.

How should one move in it, what to place where and how to use it?


The apartment articulates that it does not matter. The project aims at a feeling and an individual.

Some parts of the apartment have its own place, but that is all. We have been discussing the topic of space and its possibilities for a long time now. We are therefore glad that also this scheme defines very little – just what is not there. The apartment is opened for any changes in its conscious use thanks to its depth of intimacy.

Credits & Details
Project: Loft
Studio: Kilo / Honč, [email protected]
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Built: 2021/2022
Project: 2020
Area: 52,1 m2
Project Location: Bratislava, SVK
Architects: Mgr. art. Richard Kilo, Ing. arch. Matej Honč (2450AA), MgA. Bára Antošová
Photographer: Matej Hakár, [email protected]