STUDIOADCH designed a healthy snack shop, located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Space’s earthy colour and material palette, were inspired by raw and natural ingredients that the brand uses, creating a soft and calming environment.

The GT health foodshop is a healthy snack shop, located in Nicosia, Cyprus. STUDIOADCH designed the space, inspired by the snack-manufacturing process of the brand and the use of raw and natural ingredients immediately defined the earthy colour and material palette as well as the curvy shapes and forms of the interior architecture, spiced up with touches of brass and ceramic tiles.

In this soft and calming environment STUDIOADCH drew inspiration from the symmetrical and repetitive elements of the Italian rationalist movement to create a set of illuminated arches as a reference to the repetitive-everyday commitment of the brand to serve healthy-all natural snacks to its clients.

These strong visual elements, along with the smell of freshly baked snacks and the soft/relaxing sounds of the background music create a short multisensory experience for the user and a nice break from the busy external environment of the City.

Credits & Details

Project: GT Health Foodshop
Interior design 
Interior Architecture and Design:
Photography: Stelios Demetriou Studio