Fala Atelier converted the former garage of housing block into an hybrid space, by creating one long continuous room connecting the street with the garden. 

“The program was kept in limbo: maybe an apartment, a shop, a cafe or an art gallery”, tell us the architects.

A freely curved wall solves the existing spatial inconsistencies and creates one long continuous room connecting the street with the garden. The main living area and a set of potential secondary programs are separated by the wavy white surface and light flows freely through the living gallery.

The old metal gate is replaced with a set of strict hammered glass panels. A circle of black marble, which is a both a door handle and a mailbox, marks the entrance and addresses the city. The back façade is completely open, defining a composition of isolated elements: a sliding window, a blue concrete freestanding column, a final circle of black marble. The backyard has a seamless perimeter of rough white walls, a terrace and a calm garden.

The materiality of the project is light and abstract.

The space is defined through the geometry of the terrazzo floor pattern and a number of carefully placed elements.

The white-blue triangulated terrazzo pattern follows the curved wall, allowing the living area to maintain a certain unity and coherence. The flying kitchen counter, three green doors and the circular opening imply possible usages while suggesting also a certain complexity. The garage, that could still work as such, became an uncertain spatial experience.


Facts & Credits
Project title     house along a wall porto
Architecture   Fala Atelier
Team                filipe magalhães, ana luisa soares, ahmed belkhodja, costanza favero, ana lima, lera samovich, joana sendas, paulo sousa
Landscape      pomo
Location          Portugal
Year                  2018
Status               built                           
Client                private commission
Surface area   150m2
Client               private
Contractor      civiflanco lda
Photography  ricardo loureiro


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