Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar’s films and the nostalgic scenes of Edward Hopper’s paintings, this renovation project by NAAG Arquitectura, Bistro Alameda. Located in the historic centre of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, it was, until now, an abandoned place inside an emblematic building.
Vivid colours, carefully combined with custom made details, create a unique nostalgic and at the same time modern atmosphere, introducing the character of the new cafeteria.
-text by the author 

The Cineteca Alameda, an emblematic building in the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, has commercial premises on the ground floor facing Universidad Street. For a long time, one of these places had been completely abandoned, Bistró Alameda is the proposal to transform this place into a cafeteria.

With colours and furniture, an atmosphere is created to remind of Almodóvar’s films or the nostalgic scenes of Edward Hopper’s paintings. Every custom-designed detail, from the mouldings to the luminaries, plays an important role in the atmosphere of the place.

This project is divided into three zones due to the different furniture and the way in which the space in the great room is used. The first is the bar, visual finishing off when entering the cafeteria, then comes the bench with its table for two and finally, the living room area with a cosy atmosphere where you can enjoy a quiet moment in comfortable armchairs reading a book, having a good coffee or spending time in company.

Facts & Credits

Project title: Bistró Alameda
Typology: Hospitality 
Location: San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México
Design: NAAG arquitectura,
Construction: 2021
Surface area: 98 m2
Clients: Cineteca Alameda
Photographs: alberstudio ,
Senior Architect: Alberto Nania
Design team: Alberto Nania, Alessandro Gerosa
Collaborators: Oscar Almaguer Valle, Acero Vegetal, David Del Castillo Covarrubias

Manufacture of structures, furniture, sign and blacksmith windows: Acero Vegetal
Hydraulic mosaic: Mooma 
Chairs, armchairs and benches: Domus Design