Stefania Kontinou redesigned a 70’s apartment in Athens.
-text by the author

The apartment is part of a private house constructed back in 70’s and it is situated in a west suburb of Athens. The initial plan was a typical example of interior arrangement during that time: defined spaces and determined uses as a result of spatial separation.

The plan was redesigned proposing radical changes.
The circulation follows the path of a spiral that ends to the bedroom which is placed to the center. The living area is located from the side of the road. However, from the opposite side there is the study room and the bedroom in order to be exposed to the garden for reasons of privacy and quietness.

The separations between the rooms have been reduced to the minimum so as to have the experience of an open space.

The openings from the main elevation remained the same. At the rest of the apartment, big openings enhance lighting and view contact to the courtyard. The bedroom has been designed as a connected space with the bathroom, although it can be also isolated offering privacy.

The main design goal was the creation of a house with the personal imprint of the owner.

Customized furniture and construction in unadorned lines have been chosen to provide a pleasant combination with the more classic parts of the apartment. The consistency in the use of materials and colors ensures the creation of a thoughtful result.


Facts & Credits
Type   apartment Renovation
Architecture   Stefania Kontinou-Chimou
Mechanical engineer     Apostolis Lambropoulos
Built area   65 sqm
Year   2019
Location    Egaleo, Athens, GR
Photography    Andreas Stavropoulos

Kitchen & Wardrobe furniture  Kitchen Plus
Bathroom & Heating elements   Patiris
Marble   MikelisMarbles
Furniture  BoConcept
Fabrics   Sylloges, William Yeoward


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