Apartment ME is a pied-à-terre apartment in Lisbon by rar.studio that celebrates Lisbon’s early 20th century residential architecture.

-text by the authors

A place for a couple of Berliners and for their – perhaps not so short – stays in Lisbon. 

Having the Kreuzberg – Mouraria axis as backdrop, the refurbishment operation celebrates Lisbon’s early 20th century residential architecture, solving prosaic details with simple solutions, in an eminently colloquial intervention.


Facts & Credits
Project title  Apartment ME
Typology  Renovation, refurbishment 
Location  Lisbon, Portugal
Date  2019-2020
Gross Internal Area  70 m2
Client  Private
Architecture  rar.studio
Rita Aguiar Rodrigues, Inês Chambel Borges, Marta Morais Miranda, Samuele D’Eramo
Contractor  Prisma Contínuo – Unipessoal, Lda.
Photography  Francisco Nogueira

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