Rita Aguiar Rodrigues Studio is an architectural practice studio based in Lisbon, where they recently completed “APARTMENT AP” project. The original spatial arrangement of the early 00’s building, was remade, as well as the door openings, ceiling heights and rooms were alternated. The aesthetic of the space and the items of furniture were decided together with the clients, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. 

In the Lisbon neighbourhood of Avenidas Novas, apartment AP is in a building that dates from the early 00’s, with a showy design and flats of generic spatial character.

The low ceiling height and the slender black window frames set the tone of the intervention, which resulted in an operation to contain the space in a uniform, warm, and soft casing.

The spatial structure underwent a decisive alteration with the extension of the living room area – now occupying the entire western façade – and the widening of the communication with the kitchen, through a translucent sliding door.

The scale system has been remade, with the rearrangement of the ceiling heights, the door openings at full height, new ceiling finishes, and the complete redesign and replacement of the woodwork: removal of skirting boards, new flooring, doors, frames, cupboards, and panelling, in oak wood.


In the kitchen and bathrooms, the diversity of materials, textures and temperatures, tried to use and emphasise different moods, arising from the characteristics and natural lighting, or its absence, in each space.

The design of the lighting and some items of furniture, and the choice of the rest, together with the clients, reinforced the intimate tone, comfort and personalisation of the flat.

Credits & Details

Project: AP Apartment
Location: Lisbon
Category: Apartment
Photography: Francisco Nogueira