3QUARTERS workshop and retail: a space devoted to sustainability, locality and the art of crafting | ASQUIAT Architectural Design Office

3QUARTERS is one of the first innovative sustainable fashion accessories brands in Greece upcycling award winning of-cuts. Within five years, the brand has reached an international audience and the need for a greater production necessitated not only a bigger production space but also a concept store that would highlight its outstanding local brand.

ASQUIAT Architectural Design Office worked on a limited budget, trying to fully endorse the principles of the brand on sustainability, locality and the art of crafting. 3QUARTERS source all their raw materials locally and adhere to a policy of zero waste, making unique products in-house. Building on the idea of sustainability translating to a color, a 60’s green mosaic floor that is typical of that architectural era, was the trigger for this interior project.


The 3QUARTERS workshop is a green box in downtown Athens resembling a green oasis in a urban environment. In other words, it is a sophisticated illusion of slow living and sustainable lifestyle.

Green is not just a color, it’s a conscious decision.

Situated in one of the oldest and nowadays hyper hipster neighborhoods of central Athens, keeping a simple design was critical for 3QUARTERS not only as a color statement but also as a shelter from the crowded and noisy fux. The showroom in the ground floor occupies two formerly separate retail units in a small alley of a mazelike urban artisanship environment.

The choice of the mint green aesthetics is what defined the interior renovation and the rebranding. The green color is linked to nature and vegetation and mint to tranquility, freshness and well-being. The perception is, therefore, fresh and relaxing, in contrast to the overwhelming graffiti-sprayed urban setting. This allows customers to feel like members of a mutually ethical community.

The choice of a clean design works in two ways: it is a comprehensive canvas for an ever-changing colorful products collection, and at the same time it offers reassurance and motivation to people that ‘they are on the right path’. The tree-like Schefera Araliaceae plant concludes the notion of well being, stimulation, creativity, inspiration and emotional comfort.

Maintaining the character of an industrial building, the green shelter box hides behind a dark grey steel glazing façade. The mint canvas is planted with steel hangers and infrastructure elements, all in black color. All furniture and storage spaces are custom made, built of lacquered mdf and natural oak top, forming a balanced earth – forest ambience.


Respecting the principles of the brand and being conscious of the environmental impact of any of our interior projects, we worked with efficiency by minimizing our waste and optimizing our resources.

Ιndoor climate quality is achieved through natural ventilation. In addition, materials’ life expectancy and end-of-lifecycle as well as their maintenance were put into high-level design priority.

Facts & Credits
Project title 3QUARTERS workshop and retail
Typology  Renovation
Location Athens
Status Completed 2021
Architects ASQUIAT Architectural Design Office workshop and retail
Lighting  VIOKEF
Colors Vivechrome Delux Trade
Lighting equipment Kafkas – Schneider electric
Sponsored The people’s trust
Sponsored Babis Louizidis