Fashion & print designer Sarah Donofrio launched Accessory Collection as an extension to her print driven label One Imaginary Girl

The head designer of the print driven label One Imaginary Girl, Sarah Donofrio, launched scarves and other soft goods as an extension to her ready-to-wear label. The new accessory line features designer’s most popular prints, as well as two new pattern collections, is made of 100% silk accessories and continues designer’s commitment to sustainability by being made by women in North America.

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Inspired by the accessibility and timelessness of accessories, Donofrio wanted to ensure that everyone who fell in love with her coveted prints could own a piece of the collection. This refreshing venture is currently sold in her online store featuring her award winning prints, alongside two new print collections. Four classic scarf silhouettes will be offered. “Accessories are inclusive and loyal. They fit all shapes, sizes and genders”, says the designer, who has been developing the pieces over the past season.

“The unlimited way that a scarf can be worn, combined with a statement making illustration and print, proves that it is the one true investment piece”. 

Donofrio also believes that investment pieces shouldn’t have to come at a high cost. When she started her label, One Imaginary Girl, two years ago, the designer wanted to make her prices financially accessible to the consumer, while also ensuring that her business still thrived. Donofrio plans to add other shapes and soft goods to the One Imaginary Girl accessory line going forward.  

The 100% silk accessories will continue the designer’s commitment to sustainability, by being made by women in North America.

About One Imaginary Girl

For over 10 years, Sarah Donofrio worked as a buyer, designer and textile developer in Toronto, Ontario and London, England before starting her own womenswear label. Now located in Portland, Oregon, her refined and bold label, One Imaginary Girl, has gained a dedicated global following from everyone who loves print, colour and pattern play. Now in its 2nd year, the print driven collections of statement separates has expanded to soft goods accessories, and a unique bespoke ready-to-wear label.

Sarah has shown at New York Fashion Week, and was a designer on Project Runway. In 2018, she picked up the PFSA for Best Womenswear Designer, and the GRAY Award for Fashion.

Facts & Credits
Project title  One Imaginary Girl Accessory Collection
Brand  One Imaginary Girl
Head designer  Sarah Donofrio
Photography  Sarah Donofrio, Myles Katherine