Athens Design Forum bridges traditional and contemporary design principles to inspire socially conscious and sustainable design. Introducing an experimental format for experiencing design that is rooted in the traditional heritage of the Mediterranean, ADF brings local wisdom to a global scale.

ADF is a non-profit organization founded on four pillars – exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and archival studies. Our vision is to sustain formative dialogues, amplify the craft and design sectors, build strategic partnerships with local and global organizations, and create accessible knowledge. The first forum will take place September 30 – October 7, 2021 in unexpected venues throughout Athens.


We are looking for individuals to participate in Athens Design Forum within the following areas. All submissions must be through the platform, here.

Design Exhibitions

While formal collectible design exhibitions will be planned by the advisory board, we are eager to see what projects can be independently organized. This is your chance to showcase your work highlighting the emerging field of collectible design. We are also eager to archive and showcase traditional craft collections from the region of Greece, specifically tools and objects of labor. Please notify us if you have a personal collection willing to be shared.

Speaker Series

Part of the program includes a speaker series wherein concepts relating to design will be dissected and brought forth through digital and physical activations. Submit your pitch to us through the form you may find here and we will get back to you.


Do you have a proposal that engages a diverse public through workshops and hands-on immersion into the field of design? We are all ears.

Open Studio

This info will form a directory on the community pages of the website. A portion of Athens Design Forum will be dedicated to Open Studios.

Open Studios is a way for the public to see up close your design process and the built interior that informs your production process.

A note on venues

It is our mission to highlight the vast urban geography of Athens through spaces such as galleries and studios, or conceptual spaces such as rooftop terraces, domestic environments, etc.

All submissions will be reviewed at the discretion of the advisory board members.