Apartamento: Modern living at Contemporary Cluster combines research with historical and contemporary design | by Giorgia Cerulli & Giacomo Guidi

Giorgia Cerulli and Giacomo Guidi founded and designed Apartamento in Rome. This project is about a private residence where artworks from all the fields like art, architecture, photography, design, visual art, sound design, fashion design and much more, are showcased. The aim is to explore the relationship between historical design and top contemporary brands and designers.
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Following the recent presentation of the new headquarters inside Palazzo Brancaccio, in the Esquilino district of Rome, Contemporary  Cluster  — the space dedicated to interdisciplinarity and the cross-pollination between art, architecture, photography, design, visual art, sound design , fashion design and much more – opens the doors of Apartamento, a private residence on the sixth floor of the Palazzo, designed and assembled by the architect Giorgia Cerulli, co-founder of Contemporary Cluster with Giacomo Guidi.

Apartamento investigates the modern dimension of living through the dialogue between historical design and top contemporary brands and designers including A&B Living, Ceramiche Rometti, Diaphan Studio, Di.loer Ceramics, Draga & Aurel, Forma&Cemento, GI STUDIO, Medulum, Mentemano, Mobili nella Valle, Moon is the oldest television, Nortstudio, Ocra Studio, Paradiso Terrestre, Oscar Piccolo, Poltronova, Rampinelli Edizioni, Studio Nucleo, Supaform, Tellurico, Testatonda and Tipstudio.

Thanks to the collaboration with the color consultant Sabina Guidotti of Bludiprussia, all the rooms are enriched with eco-sustainable wall paints by Emente, a historic Belgian company.
Apartamento opened to the public with the exhibition of paintings and ceramic and metal vases “Tout Brûle” by Luca Casillo (Di.loer Ceramics), a creative talent and artist of Neapolitan origins based in Paris who has worked with fashion design brands such as Balmain and Giambattista Valli.

In addition, the Italian duo Moon is the oldest television presented their first capsule collection composed of three pieces at the intersection of design, fashion and telecommunication: a table, a chandelier with solar panel, and a valet stand with a custom leather jacket.

 Lastly, the art collective Numero Cromatico brings the experimentation between art and neuroscience into a dedicated project room where they collect data and carry out neuroscientific experiments on art in collaboration with research groups and national and international universities.

Credits & Details

Project: Apartamento: Contemporary Cluster
Architect: Giorgia Cerulli
Founders: Giorgia Cerulli, Giacomo Guidi
Location: Palazzo Brancaccio, Via Merulana 248, Rome
Photography:  Serena Eller

Content Partner: Drago Publisher, Frab’s, Ginnika, Live Cinema Festival, Numero Cromatico, Perimetro, Purple Brain, t-mag, Visioni Parallele
Educational Partner: DAM Academy, IED, LABA, Legacy Academy of Tattooing
Venue Partner: Spazio Field
Media Partner: Muse on, ZERO
Technical Partner: Bludiprussia, Stride
Hospitality Partner: The Hoxton, Rome