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Join us as we design and 3d-mill our own, full scale, tri-axial contour bench! In this intensive fabrication workshop, you will learn some fundamental grasshopper parametric modeling and drafting techniques, in order to create laser cuttable geometry, from anything that can be cut with a laser or CNC milling machine, from carton to Perspex & Plywood and turn it into anything you may imagine, be it a stool, a building facade, a lighting fixture or more.
More importantly, you will get to actually take part in the process of milling the necessary parts and intricate joints for the bench, in our in-house CNC milling and assemble it in our fab lab! Learn the whole process step – by – step in a tight workflow, from scratch to final object in just four 8-hour days! The final outcome is to be exhibited at the ESW (eso) Interior Design Conference, at SGT, on the 17/02.
In collaboration with and Designmag for the ΕΣΩ convention, Athens 2016
Course Outline
“Let’s FABRICATE! Contour Bench” is an introductory Grasshopper3D & CNC-milling workshop designed for anyone interested in digital design and fabrication. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced designer who wants to expand your skills and portfolio, you are more than welcome to attend. Through a 4-day intensive course you are expected to gain intermediate parametric design & fabrication skills that will enable you to design an intricate model, as well as organize it for fabrication. Ranging from basic nurb creation commands to some advanced parametric methods for contouring and drafting, the course will conclude to the actual, 1:1 scale fabricated wooden object (tri-axial contoured bench) which will be exhibited throughout ΕΣΩ.
All materials for the design are included in the workshop fee. Each student receives the official courseware for Rhino level 1 & grasshopper as part of attending this course, as well as a 50% discount on a decodeTraining™ course of their choice.
The workshop spans two consecutive weekends, on the 6-7/02 and the 13-14/02. The classes strart at 10.00 and last until 19.00, with a 1-hour lunchbrake in the middle.
The first two days introduce you to parametric design with Grasshopper 3d and stand as an accelerated Grasshopper level 1 workshop, where we focus on the design of the tri-axial bench, as well as the creation of the cutting files. The last two days begin with an introduction to RhinoCam and rotate around the fabrication and assemly of the object. You will work on an intensive pace and several benchmarks will be placed, in order to be able to deliver the final object on schedule for the exhibition.
Requires Windows skills and desire to create. Previous rhino3d modeling experience is deemed greatly helpful but not required. A general understanding of basic mathematical principles is also considered helpful, but an explanatory lecture will be given where needed.
All participants are required to have:
*Their personal laptop with them. Additional NUC computers can be provided after timely communication.
*Rhinoceros3d V5.0 pre-installed. You can download a 90-days evaluation version from here.
*Grasshopper 3d (latest version) pre-installed. You can download the plugin for free here.
*Lots of patience and positive thinking, learning is fun after all, crafting even more so!
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10OCT 2020

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