Oh yes, the struggle is real.

Architects are underpaid everywhere. 

It is a global phenomenon that compared to other professions, we are being compensated unfairly. 

This feeling of unease around money comes from two things. 

One is the relationship of the lifestyle you want to have, versus what you can actually afford. 

Another is the relationship of your salary to the level of stress and responsibility you carry as a building designer. 

Lawyers, doctors and many other professionals that actually carry tremendous amounts of personal responsibility in their careers, usually get compensated for it quite well.

The same can not be said about architects.

But can you blame it all on the system?

Because I can tell you here and now the five things you’re doing wrong today, that stop you from living a more financially accomplished reality. 

1. You don’t really understand the value you bring to your clients. 

Sure – it’s common knowledge that design fees are a fraction of the project’s total cost but you have to remember how important that fraction is! The “right” design saves a fortune or makes a fortune for your client. The right design brings better functions.

The right design is SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE.

If you think that your only purpose in life is to get your clients a building permit, you are selling yourself short! You have the potential to change their lives! That is valuable!

2. You don’t think you deserve to do better than you are currently doing. 

For whatever reason, you may think it is “wrong” to earn more than a certain amount per year. I have seen it before. There are practice owners, who have told me and their peers that they thought it was morally wrong to earn above €130.000 per year. Make the money you deserve and win yourself the freedom to choose who you share it with. That’s what I live by. 

3. You don’t have anything better to do with your time. 

This one is gonna hurt, but let’s face it: if you are willing to work cheap it means you don’t have anything else you’d rather be doing. 

4. You have been programmed to think you can’t make good money as a design professional. 

It could have been your professors or the small companies you started your career in. But the fact is some people just don’t expect to do well in this business so … guess what? They don’t!

5. You don’t know what other people in this business are charging. 

Too often we make assumptions about what others make.

Talking about money may feel awkward, but did you ever stop and think why would that be awkward, really? 

In business, you don’t get into the market before doing thorough research. Knowing your competitor’s prices, and the minimum and maximum range of pricing is completely normal. Not doing this is considered unseemly, stupid even!

So, if you are guilty of any of the above-mentioned behaviours it’s time to grow into business maturity.

You don’t know what you don’t know. And how are you meant to know if this industry has kept you in false beliefs? 

It’s time to get inspired, to learn, to question, to change and to grow.

Long-awaited, business education is available to you today in more ways than ever.

One of these ways is the Disrupt Symposium, coming to you this Spring.

A 5 day, a value-packed virtual event bringing literary C-level executives and a few ridiculously famous names to the comfort of your own couch.

Yep, digital transformation makes it so easy that you just can’t excuse yourself anymore.

Because if you’re serious about your career and actually want to achieve something substantial whilst still having a fulfilling personal life, well being, time and relationships outside of work- you need to invest in your growth.

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Topics revolve around business strategy, business development, client acquisition, financial management, sales, marketing, communications, branding, social media, public relations, the business of expertise, expert positioning, publishing online and in print, leadership, team building, recruitment, retention, and leaving a legacy behind.

And if all this wasn’t enough, you will have plenty of opportunities to work with your personal business coach either in a group coaching format, 1:1 or even hire experienced experts to help your business development and growth. 

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