Residential building in Kifisia by Kordas Architects office. The architects were inspired by the nature and the built environment of the area. So main goal, was for the building to blend in the natural setting. At the same time the exterior living spaces aim to provide privacy while creating variety of viewing angles for indoors and outdoors. 

– text by the authors

The residential building is located in the beautiful suburb of Kifisia, in the northern part of Athens.

The area is well known for its unique architectural heritage, showcasing iconic buildings from the past and present but also for the dense plantation and natural beauty.

The architectural composition was significantly influenced by the area itself both in terms of its built and natural environment. Composed in a way to blend in the natural setting, the building embraces curved geometries and develops in four levels above the ground.

The exterior living spaces, ground floor surroundings and balconies, are arranged in a way that aims to provide privacy to its users and at the same time create multiple focal points and viewing angles for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The inner building core remains rational and structurally intact by the playfulness of the outer envelope, providing functional space for three individual three-bedroom apartments and a smaller studio at the top level of the building.

The shape and skin of the building
aim to reconcile the natural elements
with the artificial elements of the human structure

The shape and skin of the building aim to reconcile the natural elements – trees, earth, water – with the artificial elements of the human structure.

The textured plaster surfaces, the wooden details and abundant vegetation along the building’s outline, all aim to create a sense of naturalistic artifact in the scale of a real-life building.

Overall, the design elements, details and the ambience of the project as a whole, aim to serve as a unifying concept of harmonious integration of the technical creation into the natural environment.  

Credits & Details

Location: Kifisia, Athens

Type: Residential

Principal Architect: Aristides Kordas

Project Architect: Anastasis Dimokas

Design Team: Athina Raftopoulou