KailiStudio designed a boutique residential block located in Nicosia, Cyprus drawing inspiration from the history of the area while adding a modern touch aiming to create a new way of living for the residents by offering them a unique residential experience. 

-text by the authors

Renaissance is a boutique residential block consisting of 4 one bedroom flats, 4 two bedroom flats and 2 three bedroom flats. Inspired by the history of the area but with a modern note, the building consists of a raw podium made of arches that is presented as the base of the building.

The frame and the main body of the building are made of bare dark colour render material depicting the roots of a place, which will always exist no matter how much time passes.

Thin decorative elements consisting of arches and vertical columns embrace the building, regenerating the past which also act as a sun shading system that gives more privacy to the tenants from the surrounding buildings.

Surrounded by flowers and vegetation, the building aims to create a new way of living to the residents providing a distinctive experience. The boundary between interior-exterior blends smoothly as every apartment has wide openings facing the large verandas which include its own private garden zone. 

Facts & Credits
Project title  Renaissance
Typology  Residential, apartment building
Location  Nicosia, Cyprus
Status  Design phase 
Architecture firm  KailiStudio
Architect  Petros Kailis
Images  BsArq
Drawings  KailiStudio