The new Philharmonic Hall of Szczecin is located on the historical site of the “Konzerthaus” and recomposes an urban corner in a neighborhood near to the historic city.
The building houses a symphony hall for 1000 spectators, a hall for chamber music for 200 spectators, a multifunctional space for exhibitions and conferences, and a wide foyer. In its materiality, the building is perceived as a light element: the glass facade, illuminated from inside, allows different perceptions. The exterior austerity and the simple composition of the interior circulation spaces contrast with the expressiveness of the main hall and the concert hall with its gold-leaf covering.
Archisearch - Entrance Hall (c) Simon MengesENTRANCE HALL (C) SIMON MENGES
Archisearch - The new Philharmonic Hall of SzczecinTHE NEW PHILHARMONIC HALL OF SZCZECIN

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The new Philharmonic Hall of Szczecin