Deda Architects reveal the first images of  “Ladopoulos Restart”, the regeneration of  the old factory and the sourrounding area in Patras.

The scope of work for this project was to deliver a sustainable preliminary Masterplan for the Re-utilization and Development of the abandoned premises of Ladopoulos Paper Factory in the city of Patras.

“Our vision for the project is the ability to revitalize the entire area and its surroundings, providing unique spaces for Patra‘s citizens and visitors”, tell us the architects.

The basic guidelines implemented for the new Ladopoulos complex are the following:

  • Sustainable design
  • Reuse of the existing factory buildings
  • Protection of the cultural heritage
  • Unite with the city’s sea front, design with water
  • Create Landmark building and park
  • Green areas, family friendly and accessible to all

The proposed uses corresponding to the most favorable development scenario are distributed as follows:
Administration 30.000m2, Educational Facilities 8.800m2, Cultural Facilities 4.200m2 and Leisure 2.000m2.
Total building area 45.000m2, 18.000m2 of which are designed in new sustainable buildings. The waterfront park has an area of 5.000m2.

Facts & Credits
Project title    Ladopoulos Restart
Architecture   Deda Architects
Design team    Maria Deda, Maria Koukoutsi
Client                SALFO S.A.
Location           Patras
Year                   2019
Area                  45.000 m2
Visualizations   Stamatis Kyraleos