A host of renowned professionals from the international digital creativity community will be presenting in this year`s Digitized, to be held on Saturday September 21st at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens Greece.

In its relatively brief history, the conference is evolving step-by-step; and this year Digitized makes the big leap: it increases the number of lecturers and its duration, it more than doubles its capacity (in order to accommodate the high demand for tickets) and it encompasses the conference with parallel workshops. The participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to concepts and practices such as designing applications for Facebook or themes for WordPress.

The conference is divided into three sessions, the first of which is exclusively dedicated to the designing of mobile applications.

The panel of speakers consists of the founder of Wunderkinder, Jan Martin (Germany), the Creative Director of Serial Cut, Sergio del Puerto (Spain), R/GA`s Experience Designer, Filip Williamsson, the Interactive Director of Unit9, Robert Bader (Germany) and the Director of Hinderling Volkart, Michael Volkart (Switzerland).

In the coming days, the full program of the conference and workshops will be revealed, and it will include a couple of more surprises.

The participation for the conference is €60 (there is a significant discount for students and the unemployed), while the first 100 tickets are already available at 50% discount. The participation fee for each of the workshops is €50.

Information on Digitized, can be found at www.digitized.gr

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