Modpack: A Biodegradable backpack for Urban and Rural Use | Diploma thesis project by Lioka Stella

Stella Lioka designed modpack, a biodegradable backpack for urban and rural use. MODPACK (modular pack) is a biodegradable backpack for urban and rural usage that encourages the user to accompany it on their journey through life. 

-text by the authors

Modpack from Stella Lioka on Vimeo.

This thesis was preceded by extensive research and admiration for mental and physical wandering –Wandering and Desire: Society’s Need for Critical Thinking, Lioka Stella, 2020. An object was consequently designed and created based on the latter two aspects. 

MODPACK -modular pack- is a biodegradable backpack for urban and rural usage that encourages the user to accompany it on their journey through life.

It consists of the PACK -the main body- and the five separate MODs -detachable modules- that are linked to it and provide the conditions for each use.

The backpack may be fastened around the waist with the belt mod, used as a resting-floor with the seat mod, and each component can have additional uses with the clipping strap mod. MODPACK is waterproof due to the use of cork and natural hemp-fiber derivatives as the primary materials.

The evolution of MODPACK design could also provide customized features like a small pet’s case, a baby-seat mod, a rolling suitcase adaptation and many more.

Exactly because the whole design is based on the modularity and adaptability of each part it could be the next generation biodegradable backpack/ suitcase/ purse that accompany the user to their everyday needs. Even if their needs change they can always modify it to suit them.

The goal is to make viable objects that they don’t get outdated and thrown away but change and “live on” accordingly. Particular attention was paid to the use of materials and design principles.

The designer’s | creator’s intended vision is to create in the present, while planning for the future, focusing on the usage, durability, innovation, repairability, mortality, aesthetics, ecology and product sincerity.

These were the axes the design of MODPACK followed, since each product must gaze into the future with moral responsibility towards society and the Planet.


Credits & Details

Project type: Diploma thesis 

Department: University of Thessaly, Architecture school

Supervisor: Alexandros Psychoulis

Project Title: Modpack_A biodegradable backpack for urban and rural use

Special thanks to: Dionisis Alexandropoulo for sharing his technical skills and knowledge for the making of the prototype