The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards celebrates and rewards the work of designers and architects who improve our quality of life and the built environment, as well as private and public clients who entrust them with their design needs.
Enhancing the appreciation and promotion of excellence in design, the awards provide international recognition and exposure to its winners.

Unveiling of Grand Winners in Architecture, Landscape & Territories, Construction & Real Estate and look back on our very first awards Gala hosted in Québec City.

After thirteen editions known and recognized as prestigious competitions celebrating the excellence of a creative industry, the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN has exploded on the world stage, added a very first international Jury and introduced new disciplines and categories to reflect the effervescence and multidisciplinary of creativity in the building industry.

On September 18th, at the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury, guests gathered in person in the hall and online for an evening of celebration of a
strong and vibrant industry: the first of two galas to unveil the grand winners of the GRANDS PRIX DESIGN 2021.

The second award ceremony, organized at the Casino de Montréal, on October 20th, will unveil the major winners in Interior Design, Product, Communication & Branding.

Jury Members:
Recruited from all over the world and praised for their talents and experience in the areas evaluated, the elite personalities appointed to the very first International Jury of the competition reinforced the seal of excellence that a GRAND PRIX stands for.

Patrick ABBATTISTA • Georges ADAMCZYK • Ryann AOUKAR • Martin AUBÉ • Ali BASBOUS • Iman Meriem BENKIRANE • Luisa BOCCHIETTO • Jacques BOILY • JeanSébastien BOURDAGES • Jaime BOUZAGLO • Tracy BOWIE • Gregg BUCHBINDER •Ginette CARON • Senih ÇAVUŞOĞLU • Marina CERVERA ALONSO DE MEDINA • Carrie CHAPMAN • André-Yves COENDERAET • Sara CORVINO • Cindy COUTURE • Dina DE FINA • Gauthier DE NUTTE • Matteo DE BARTOLOMEIS • Giancarlo DI MARCO • Ximena
DIAZ • Francesco DONDINA • Martine DRESSOU • Hans FONK • Davide FORNARI • Ronan FOURNIER • Sonia GAGNON • Manon GAUTHIER • Georges LABRECQUE • Denys LAPOINTE • Tatjana LEBLANC • Dimitar LUKANOV • Paul MAKOVKSY • Philippe MALOUIN • Franco MARCHESAN • Christian MATTEAU • Paula MEIJERINK • Nastaran MORADINEJAD • Roberta MUTTI • Minal NAIRI • Chad OPPENHEIM • Julie PAYETTE • Claudya PIAZERA • Paolo PICCININI • Christophe PILLET • Daniela PISCITELLI • Pavel PISKLAKOV • Emilia PREVOSTI • Daniel REVAH • Rijk RIETVELD • María SALVATI • Udo SCHIELMANN • Christiane TAWIL • Avi TENZER • Fabrizio TODESCHINI • Marco TORTOIOLI RICCI • Maria Gabriella TROVATO • Alessandro VALENTE • Bryan WIENS • Jean- Michel WILMOTTE • Cino ZUCCHI • Carlotta ZUCCHINI

Inaugural International Legion
Talents from more than 30 countries joined candidates from Québec in
presenting 1,113 creative projects of all sorts. In looking through this year’s amazing participation of candidacies, we realized with joy that the international community of professionals, real estate developers, contractors and manufacturers is ever-so fraternal!

This 2021 cohort of winning projects has proven to be particularly avant-garde and considerate of a sustainable future. Make way for a cornucopia of stunning winning projects in Architecture, Landscape & Territories and Construction & Real Estate.

See the Grand Prize Winners revealed in the special edition of the magazine dedicated to the award.

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