Critical Comments: Οι κριτές του διαγωνισμού Color in Architecture δίνουν την οπτική τους πάνω σε επίκαιρα θέματα που αφορούν την αρχιτεκτονική και την πόλη – #7 Per Nimer

Per Nimer is directly working with local designers appointed per country globally. Worked on numerous architectural projects from a colour perspective. Everything from residential projects around Europe to the city hall of Moscow.

 From 2011 appointed Global Marketing Manager Powder Coatings Furniture. Creating and implementing global strategy for the segment. Working with regional sales and marketing teams on strategy, sales, pricing and marketing concepts. Working with product development on both a reactive and proactive level. Cooperating with, and providing service to global OEM´s in the furniture sector.

Has worked with design and product development on all markets globally, initiation, project management, development and finalization of color, design and product development projects.

 Has worked with products for both B2B and B2C equally. High knowledge of how to work with brand awareness globally. Involved as public speaker on all continents with audiences from 100 to 1000 persons. Numerous PR, articles, interviews and television appearances including being part of the trend program “why we buy” aired on the European market 2009 and globally 2010.

 Member, Board of Directors of the Colour Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.Member, Board of Directors of Color Marketing Group, Alexandria, Virginia.International Liaison between CMG Board of Directors and International CMG groups.

 Was asked by Google to present at Google HQ in January 2014. Has added colour to peoples lives, architecture, interiors, cars, bikes, furniture and many other things around the world.

What role does colour play in the formulation of the urban iconography and how does it affect the experience of the city?
Since colour is the thing we see first, it comes before shape, form or function….it is essential to our experience of almost everything.
Colour and colourschemes are an integral part of how we sense the urban landscape defining how a city is perceived.

What colour is the Greek city?
Material colour…. mostly stone, white and blue…

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