Pygmalion Karatzas presents the Integral Lens Series: John Kosmopoulos
Text by Pygmalion Karatzas
In this article, we feature the work of John Kosmopoulos from Toronto, Canada. He is a consultant, author and professor in the behaviour sciences and a fine art photographer, specializing in colour and black and white architecture, abstract, long exposure and minimalist subjects. His award winning images have been featured in international galleries, publications and with the House of Ilford, Topaz Labs and Formatt Hitech. He periodically instructs photography workshops in Vancouver, Toronto, Dubai, London, among other cities. 
Here are a few photos from several of his exemplary series based on his MCM (Muted Colour Metallics) colour style and his Zonal Shape System principles for Black and White photography. The photos include the series “Desertera” of the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre in Toronto, the “Dubaiisms” taken during workshops he conducted in Dubai, the “Simplexity” series of minimalistic archistract portraits of iconic buildings throughout the world, the “Cosmopolis” series which is as an ode to his home city, and work from a very recent adventure in New York City.
“Fine art photography is a style or genre of photography that offers a harmonious composition of elements within a frame of reference whose content provides aesthetic, sensory, and sometimes surreal qualities that fulfill the authentic, creative, and personal vision of the photographer as artist while heightening the emotional and psychological response of the observer. It is an established but evolving discipline in photography whose essential condition is the `felt aesthetic` (the feeling of being immersed in and inspired by something intellectually and imaginatively beautiful).
This type of photography is often exemplified by but not limited to black and white compositions, various exposure lengths, and eclectic subjects (e.g., abstract, architecture, landscapes, nude portraits, etc.). It may also be interpreted by refined theories and concepts across disciplines (e.g., philosophy, psychology, literature, music, film, culture, semiotics, mathematics, science) and past and current trends in art, photography and technology in part or in whole. It is often defined in contrast to journalistic, documentary, and commercial photography. It also adheres to quality standards in post-processing and printing as part of the creation of art.” – © John Kosmopoulos   
Find out more in John Kosmopoulos` website:
Cover photo: Desertera Series – Aga Khan Museum I © John Kosmopoulos 
Archisearch - Dubaiisms - Dubai 124 (c) John KosmopoulosDUBAIISMS – DUBAI 124 (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Dubaiisms - Dubai Marina Panorama (c) John KosmopoulosDUBAIISMS – DUBAI MARINA PANORAMA (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - NYC - Top of the Rock (c) John KosmopoulosNYC – TOP OF THE ROCK (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - NYC - Manhattan Bridge II (c) John KosmopoulosNYC – MANHATTAN BRIDGE II (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - NYC - Brooklyn Bridge (c) John KosmopoulosNYC – BROOKLYN BRIDGE (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - NYC - Good morning blue eyes (c) John KosmopoulosNYC – GOOD MORNING BLUE EYES (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - NYC - First we take Manhattan (c) John KosmopoulosNYC – FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Cosmopolis - TRNT III Skyline (c) John KosmopoulosCOSMOPOLIS – TRNT III SKYLINE (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Dubaiisms - Together (c) John KosmopoulosDUBAIISMS – TOGETHER (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Cosmopolis - Royal Ontario Museum Future History (c) John KosmopoulosCOSMOPOLIS – ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM FUTURE HISTORY (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Simplexity - The King`s Speech (c) John KosmopoulosSIMPLEXITY – THE KING`S SPEECH (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Simplexity - Embarcadero (c) John KosmopoulosSIMPLEXITY – EMBARCADERO (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Simplexity - Aqua Building Chicago (c) John KosmopoulosSIMPLEXITY – AQUA BUILDING CHICAGO (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Dubaiisms - Emirates Towers (c) John KosmopoulosDUBAIISMS – EMIRATES TOWERS (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Cosmopolis - Toronto City Hall (c) John KosmopoulosCOSMOPOLIS – TORONTO CITY HALL (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Cosmopolis - Old City Hall (c) John KosmopoulosCOSMOPOLIS – OLD CITY HALL (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Desertera Series - Ismaili Centre II (c) John KosmopoulosDESERTERA SERIES – ISMAILI CENTRE II (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Desertera Series - Ismaili Centre (c) John Kosmopoulos DESERTERA SERIES – ISMAILI CENTRE (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS
Archisearch - Desertera Series - Aga Khan Museum II (c) John KosmopoulosDESERTERA SERIES – AGA KHAN MUSEUM II (C) JOHN KOSMOPOULOS