Contemporary Greek architecture through the lens of Erieta Attali | Photography exhibition

“Contemporary Greek architecture through the lens of Erieta Attali” is Erieta Attali’s architecture photography exhibition held in Fondation Hellenique from 10th of May until the 30th of September.


background building Detroit Motors in Athens by Nikos Ktenas

Erieta Attali’s photography series in Greece offer insights on the broader contexts that surround Greek architects’ buildings and the experience of discovering them.


Georges Batzios Architects

Her photographs include the landscape, surrounding the buildings. This point of view differs from the usual presentation of Greece, as a country of the periphery. A view that looks with a perverse apotheosis at the disordered or decayed urban condition.


Kokkinou+Kourkoulas Architects, Benaki Museum

Images that focus in both the resonances and contrasts, continuities and discontinuities.


MPLUSM Architects, Private House in Athens

Thus, considering the landscape and the site on which architecture is being practiced over the last decades in Greece. 


Nikos Ktenas – Private House in Samos

The exhibition includes photography of Greek architecture offices such as: Kokkinou & Kourkoulas Architects and Associates, MPLUSM Architects, Georges Batzios Architects, DECA Architecture, Nikos Ktenàs Architecture

Credits & Details

Exhibition Title: Contemporary Greek architecture through the lens of Erieta Attali

Dates: May 10 – September 30

Photography: Erieta Attali

Location: Fondation Hellenique, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 47 B Bd JOURDAN / 75014 Paris