IFI Lighting Wins Prestigious LIT Award for Kepos by Goco Spa at Daios Cove

IFI Lighting is proud to announce its recent honor of receiving the prestigious LIT Award for exceptional lighting design at Kepos by Goco spa, located within the luxurious Daios Cove hotel in Greece. This accolade marks a significant achievement for the Greek lighting design agency, underscoring its commitment to innovation, quality, and design excellence.

The Project: Kepos by Goco Spa

Kepos by Goco spa was conceived as a serene oasis where guests can experience rejuvenation and tranquility. The design challenge was to create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and wellness, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of Daios Cove.

IFI Lighting embraced this challenge, crafting a lighting solution that enhances the serene environment and complements the architectural elegance of the spa.

Lighting Design Excellence

IFI Lighting’s approach to lighting design at Kepos by Goco spa focused on creating a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. The team utilized a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to highlight the spa’s features, including its luxurious treatment rooms, tranquil relaxation areas, and stunning water features. The result is a spa environment that feels both intimate and expansive, inviting guests to unwind in a space that feels naturally serene and beautifully illuminated.

Recognition by the LIT Awards

The LIT Awards recognize excellence in lighting design across the globe, celebrating projects that demonstrate creativity, innovation, and technical proficiency. Winning this award for work at Kepos by Goco spa is an incredible honor for IFI Lighting. It underscores the agency’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in lighting design and its commitment to delivering outstanding results for clients.


IFI Lighting extends heartfelt gratitude to its talented team, whose passion and expertise made this project possible. Their unwavering dedication and creativity are the driving forces behind this success. The agency also thanks its partners and clients for their trust and collaboration. This award is a shared achievement, and their support is greatly appreciated.

Looking Ahead

This recognition from the LIT Awards is a significant milestone for IFI Lighting. It inspires the team to continue exploring new ideas and setting higher standards in lighting design. The agency is excited about the future and looks forward to embarking on more innovative projects that showcase the transformative power of light.

For more information about IFI Lighting and its award-winning projects, please visit the website www.ifilighting.com or follow on LinkedIn.

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Project: Kepos by Goco Spa

Architecture: Elastic architects

Lighting Design: IFI Lighting

Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis