Studiomateriality team, in a mood for experimentation but also with a dose of nostalgia for old Athens, designs a confectionery in the center of the city. Strong contrasts with colors and simplistic patterns dominate the interior of the pastry shop, giving it a contemporary aesthetic.

-text by Zoi Parasidi

At a time when Athens has raised the level of its pastry shops and the sweets you can taste in them, a subversive venture has made its appearance on a busy street full of bars, in Anapafseos street, in the area of Mets.

While designing the space, the aim was to straddle the line between the vintage and the contemporary, a balance between nostalgia and evolution, to evoke memories of the city’s old pastry shops where Athenians used to meet each other, in order to enjoy their coffee and dessert at their tables.

At the same time, this store had to be responsive to today, with elements that are new and innovative that had not previously characterized other shops of its kind.

The font in which the name “Recital” is written – which in itself has something vintage about it – on the facade is specially designed for the project.

Entering the patisserie, the white tiles dominate the space and, along with the light-coloured mosaic on the floor, create a stark contrast with the red seats and the heavy purple -almost theatrical- curtain.

Behind this curtain is the main setting of the Recital, the workshop that resembles an open kitchen of a restaurant.


This is where the show takes place, as visitors can watch the processes and movements that take place to prepare the dessert of their choice, as well as passers-by can see what is happening inside through the windows.

In the pastry shop that wants to be a dessert restaurant, the dishes are prepared at that moment and are served at an inox table that is visually connected to the workshop space.

The walls are adorned with a series of portraits created exclusively for the confectionery have a contemporary aesthetic, with faces that seem to live in a universe nourished exclusively by sweets and candies.

Facts & Credits

Project Title  RECITAL
Project Type  Interior Design & Branding
Location  Anapafseos 15, Mets, Greece
Area  54m2
Project Status Completed, August 2022
Architects  Studiomateriality
Lead Designer  Miltos Kontogiannis
Project Manager  Serafeim Pappas
Design Team  Margarita Voyatzi
Photography  Alina Lefa