AMK Architecture+Design took over the design of “Bewise” office, a dynamic fast upgrowing digital specialist firm in Chalandri. The architects’ main objective was to create an attractive working space for employees, who tended to prefer working from home, and promote interactive collaboration as well as productivity.

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The office space expands on two, not successive floors, the 1st and the 3rd floor. To interconnect them and integrate the overall scheme, AMK used the atrium-core of the building, which served as an entrance to all floors, to establish a strong uniform identity.

The atrium glass division was layered with a translucent film printed with the gradient BEWISE logo colors. This filtered the abundant natural light through the day, pigmenting the entire atrium; it incorporated the firm’s brand identity and at the same time provided privacy to the other two floors. A discreet edge lit suspended logo sign becomes manifest as daylight fades away, clearly distinct from the street below. 

On the 3rd floor atrium lobby are located the reception and a waiting area for visitors, leading to the CEO and management offices, whereas on the 1st floor an espresso bar has been created, ideal for meetings and chatting.

Entering the office area, interspersed workspaces throughout a generally open-plan layout are combined with relaxation areas and multi-functional spaces under bare ceilings, in a monochromatic approach enhanced with plants, while vibrant color soundproof booths and slogans, inspired from the company’s brand identity, stand out as graphic art on the walls. 

The scheme is based on a layout that unites nature with flexible workspaces for both collaboration and heads-down. AMK has figured out an imaginative way to divide spaces using printed double-faced louvres. As one enters a room, a green scenery envelops the space, concealing the subsequent area by providing privacy and at the same time visual continuity. 

Everything has been designed to serve the company’s most important directive: the health and well-being of the firm’s employees.

The final result was a forward-looking artistic environment, imposing the firm’s identity, that transcends its purpose as an office.

Credits and details

Project type: Office design

Project design: AMK

Location: Chalandri, Athens

Clients: Beware