"Kaimaki" project: transforming a typical Athenian apartment into an Airbnb residence | by Efi Malandraki and Barbara Kountzaki

“Kaimaki” is the new renovation project by the architect Efi Malandraki, in collaboration with interior architect and designer Barbara Kountzaki. Named after a greek ice cream flavour, it is about a typical Athenian apartment transformed into an Airbnb residence.
Terracotta coloured structural elements divide the cream toned open plan, separating each and every space.

-text by the author   

Architect Efi Malandraki and interior architect and designer Barbara Kountzaki, transformed a typical Athenian apartment of a residential building in the heart of Athens, into an Airbnb residence with a playful and fresh touch.

The goal was to produce an Airbnb project that surpasses the narrow margins of the typical bed and breakfast concept, therefore to create spaces that boast hints of greek hospitality, high standards of comfort and elements of design.

The concept followed all of the above and the “Kaimaki” project was born.

Terracotta colours blend harmoniously with soft cream tones and wooden details all through the open space areas of the apartment.

Curvy ribbons of colour, being the key point of the design, expand parasitically through the existing interior, showcasing the structural elements and unfolding beyond them.
The exterior terrace harmonizes with the interior, thus creating a visual continuity.

The design concept is actually based on the greek ice cream flavor called “Kaimaki”, a traditional welcoming treat served with a sour cherry topping – a cordial delicacy, inseparably linked with the authentic greek hospitality.

Credits & Details
Interior Architecture and design: Efi MalandrakiBarbara Kountzaki
Typology: Apartment’s renovation
Photography: https://www.instagram.com/goatherd_k/
Model: Xristina Katrali