Conceptualized by Perron for GAO, a Vietnamese counter located on Saint-Jean street in Quebec City, this project aimed to update the image and general atmosphere of a dining room, while respecting the welcoming climate and family traditions of the owners, which is a hallmark of the restaurant. As a priority, Perron collaborated closely with the Phan family to accurately deliver their culinary vision within a functional and pleasant workspace.

-text by the architects

During the pandemic, the GAO team also reinvented itself with a new take-out menu offering, which Perron supported through its design of the main counter.

Formerly called La Campagne, GAO now offers the opportunity to discover Vietnamese flavors and traditions in a warm and cozy environment.

Design intentions

From the preliminary stages of the design process, a refined and luminous atmosphere was chosen to highlight the culinary colors of the restaurant’s spicy dishes in the dining room and at the counter, the latter above which is suspended in a custom-made steel flower box.

The choice of neutral colors reminiscent of rice and noodles, in combination with noble materials, provides the space with a refined and comfortable character. Additionally, it reflects the spirit of the establishment, which includes cooking with simple foods to create extraordinary recipes that stand the test of time. The large counter, extending from the reception to the rear dining room, accentuates the atmosphere of conviviality, while connecting the two spaces together and defining the customer journey with its rice-patterned wallpaper.

“The use of an arch pays tribute to the traditional architecture of Vietnamese temples, and an associated abundance of greenery and local vegetation,” says Nathalie Perron, designer, and founder at Perron.

The curved furniture, the colored stitching, and the wooden geometry on the wall all contribute to the customer journey and offer different types of dining spaces.

In selecting lighting, the objective was to provide ideal luminosity to the counter to assist with quick and subdued service in the evenings. That process took the form of a monumental suspension, custom-designed and installed directly above the counter. These design elements, combined with the convivial cuisine of the Phans, invite patrons to take a journey to Southeast Asia for a meal.

This project won multiple Grands Prix du Design awards, including gold in the Renovation category, silver in the Restaurant of less than 1600 square feet category, and bronze in the Small budget category.

Credits & Details

Official Project Name: Gao Vietnamese counter
Client: Gao Vietnamese counter
Year: 2020
Designers: Perron
Implication: Creating experiences, Design Concept, Custom made furniture design, technical drawings, Project management 
General Contractor: Le Saint Construction
Custom made furniture: Le Saint Construction
Photographer: Diane Blanchard

About Perron

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