Pleasance Construction renovated a mid ’80s apartment in Chalandri, Athens approaching the desires of its residents for connection of the spaces, creation of storage solutions, natural lighting and introduction of new materials, textures and colours. 

A design couple with their son, bought this mid ’80s apartment to move in the charming neighborhood of Chalandri.

A carefully made renovation designed & constructed by Athens based Pleasance Constuction has done just that, not only maintaining the majority of the existing home, but adding to its use of colour, texture and shape through quirky accents. The outcome is a stylish, fun and functional 100sqm space, with loads of natural light that perfectly supports this family’s active lifestyle!

The existing house was charming, but had issues typical of its age, including having no connection between the entrance, living room and kitchen

The initial request to the construction company was : 

“We need to connect the main spaces, create lots of storage solutions and keep the light in. Also bring new materials and textures. Upgrade the plumbing and electrical installation and the energy efficiency of the apartment by installing new frames”.

The original kitchen was demolished to make room for a multifunctional area that hosts a wooden booth with lots of storage at the entrance, a home office area, a utility room that functions as food storage & laundry and of course the new kitchen.

In the kitchen the architects applied terrazzo vertically to the walls, creating a warm yet modern atmosphere, while the rest of the kitchen got a nice green color in combination with the wooden cabinets.

Custom made terrazzo was also used in the main bathroom, making a comfortable bench with large storage spaces underneath. In the walk-in shower, green vertical tiles were installed following the universal colour palette.

The kid’s bedroom is as charming and bright as the original one was, but has loads of practical features, such as a long desk with plenty of space for reading and crafts plus storage spaces for books, toys and a large collection of lego.

The couple gave Pleasance Construction complete artistic licence over the design of their apartment, and it shows in the confident use of colour and materials. “We were able to translate their personalities, interests and requirements into a joyous, bright, fun space that still provides all the practical qualities needed for a busy functional family home,’ says lead architect Olia Charalampopoulou of Pleasance Construction.

Facts & Credits
Title Chalandri Apartment
Typology Architecture, Design, Interior
Chalandri, Athens, Greece
Status Completed, 2023
100 m2
Architecture & Construction Pleasance Construction
Photography Kim Powel
Text by the authors