Clap Studio design a retail space in Barcelona, Spain, a new spatial identity for ALOHAS brand, using a geological concept. The design has as a reference the volcanic landscape of Hawaii, specifically the lava tubes. 

ALOHAS has entrusted Clap Studio with the design of its first flagship store in Barcelona, located in the iconic street of Rambla Catalunya, at the heart of the city.

This 100-square-meter flagship faithfully reflects ALOHAS’s new visual identity, characterized by a stronger and bolder aesthetic.

With this flagship, ALOHAS takes a decisive step towards offline commerce after conquering the digital world.

In the design process, the studio drew inspiration from ALOHAS’s own history, founded originally in Hawaii, which is also the source of its name.

Clap decided to move away from the “clean” and paradisiacal beach aesthetic commonly associated with Hawaii and focused on the aggressive and brutalist landscape that represents the archipelago.

The design evokes the volcanic landscape of Hawaii, specifically the lava tubes, those volcanic caves formed by the flow and subsequent cooling of lava.

“The surface of a lava river, over time, cools and hardens, creating underground rivers that, after the eruption, transform into tunnels with a magical appearance. This geological concept has been the cornerstone of our design,” explains Àngela Montagud, director of Clap.

The ALOHAS flagship presents itself as a volcanic grotto, an environment that combines the brutality of nature with the sophistication of design.

The metal furniture, with sharp and aggressive shapes, emulates the ferocity of lava, creating a contrast with the serene atmosphere of the store. The ceiling lights represent openings that, over time, form in the roofs of these tunnels, reconnecting them with their surroundings. This dialogue between the aggressive and the refined perfectly captures the duality of ALOHAS’s new image, offering visitors an immersive and unique shopping experience.

ALOHAS, the fashion brand that has conquered the digital world, takes a decisive step towards offline commerce with their first physical store, encapsulating its essence in a space that invites customers to explore and discover, reflecting its journey from the online to the physical world.

With this design, Clap Studio has not only created a retail space but an interior landscape that captures the identity and vision of ALOHAS.

Facts & Credits
Title ALOHAS flagship by Clap Studio, a dialogue between the aggressive and the refined.
Typology Architecture, Interior, Retail
Barcelona, Spain 
Status Completed, 2024
Area 100 m2
Architecture Clap Studio
Photography José Hevia
Text by the authors