Faber shares with us 4 Secrets to be inspired by the urban world without losing comfort and refinement.
If you are fascinated by the vitality of the metropolis, do not leave it outside the home. Today, you can bring a glimpse of the city into your everyday life, simply by furnishing an urban chic kitchen. This style, definitely on the crest of the wave, can be defined as the perfect mix between modern and industrial tastes, born in the 1950s in America in the wake of Andy Wharol’s Factory. And you, are you ready to learn all its secrets?

It abounds with gray and the dusty nuances of the metropolitan palette

The dominant colors of the urban chic kitchen are the neutral and dark colors that characterize the city streets. You know Jovanotti’s metropolitan serenade? Well, even your furnishings will have to grow, at least in a figurative sense, between the asphalt and concrete and their shades. Moreover, black and anthracite immediately give character and go very well with refined shades such as dove gray. Does it all seem a little too flat? Don’t worry: any exposed red brick walls or some graffiti and canvas on the walls will give color.

To compose an urban kitchen focuses on materials

Wood, left natural or strategically aged, always plays a leading role in the urban chic kitchen and often characterizes various elements, such as wardrobes, tables and parquet, to make it more welcoming and give warmth to the whole. 

Its task, in fact, is to counteract the coldness of more typically modern and industrial materials. 

We are talking about iron, aluminum, steel and concrete, other undisputed protagonists of an aesthetic that is also appreciated for its delicious material contrasts.

Urban chic? All a question of balance

Considering the variety and eclecticism of furniture and finishes, the urban chic kitchen requires you to recompose harmony between the coatings and between the modern and vintage lines of accessories and decorations. And, to do this, an insider’s trick is to coordinate the materials: just take the iron of an atelier window with the details on the sides of an island and with the multi-pendant lamps in an industrial style so fashionable at the moment to give immediately more completeness to the furnishings.

Don’t forget the appliances

An important function in the architecture of an urban chic kitchen is also played by electronic appliances. In order not to be mistaken, rely on modern stainless steel refrigerators and our efficient low noise chandelier hoods which, with their metallic surfaces and clean and elegant designs, will adapt perfectly to your decor.

About Belle
As beautiful as its name suggests, the Belle hood features a design that is both eye-catching and elegant. Its double panel creates an effect reminiscent of the petals of a flower. Available in two refined finishes, the original, asymmetrically shaped Belle hood is made even more desirable by Up & Down action and by the technology that has made Faber the number one name in kitchen hoods.


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