Architecture has been a relatively slow-paced profession in terms of change, but the pandemic was a much-needed catalyst. The changing scenarios of a post-pandemic world witnessed a paradigm shift, where the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry thrived on global collaborations. According to Stanford University trend analysis from June last year, the AEC industry’s positive post-pandemic recovery influenced a 15% increase in interest for buildings and cities. This statistic specifically affects the office, residential and re-adaptive sectors. The pandemic seamlessly launched an ecosystem that connected like-minded people irrespective of the physical boundaries. The binding factor in this was the overlapping synergies that led to a value-driven collaboration.

Therefore, architecture has gone beyond a creative profession where there is a constant need for businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities to help them widen their horizons.

So, why do Architects need to be Business and Tech-Savvy? 

Most architectural professionals graduate with a clear understanding of their technical skills. However, the coursework fails to drive them towards developing interpersonal skills to be better entrepreneurial architects. Over the course, when the Architects have to find a job or the next client, they hesitate towards making the first move. Oftentimes because they simply don’t know what is the right thing to do. There is a need for Architects to know business ethics while also staying updated with the latest tech. In the world of Metaverse, embracing the ‘era of data’ and positioning your services to a global audience is the need of the hour. Relevant business education in architecture proves fundamental to the development of confidence and tenacity amongst business professionals in architecture. 

During their journey, most AEC businesses and startups begin with a need to create change. The journey starts with a thoughtful observation of consumer behaviour and asking ‘what people need?’. You might be a firm owner, an emerging architect, or an aspirational student; the urge to create your designs to make a change is always on your mind. 

But how do you connect with people that resonate with your design philosophies? And, How do you find the right client?

Amongst many solutions on the market, a new niche-based startup platform helps you connect, collaborate and thrive as building designers. Tunarch is a new-age digital portal that helps you showcase your works and reach out to the right clientele. It uses architectural data over a cataloguing process to help you find the right client and to help them find you! 

How does the platform bridge the gap between you and your next client? First and foremost, it elevates your online presence through a fast and easy portfolio creation framework. It guides your search through analytics of individual users and filters projects by search requirements created to narrow down potential designers. All this helps provide insights into the new and upcoming design trends.

One of the most challenging business tasks that the architecture industry faces is recruitment.

Tunarch eases out the recruitment process by nurturing inclusivity. And if that wasn’t enough, it allows you to establish a database of design projects and showcase them to a global audience.

When asked about his origins Jacek Urbanowicz, CEO & Co-Founder of Tunarch, explains:

“The first wake-up call was noticing how many of my acquaintances searched for their dream home through word of mouth or looking at traditional house catalogues.” He continues, “This practice was and is still quite common around people who want to review many potential projects before committing to a specific design. However, the enormous potential is lost, as many relevant architects are pushed aside from the selection process due to lack of visibility to investors.”

In the new age, paper-based catalogues are not a viable option. Plus they have a hefty impact on the environment. The traditional word of mouth method is also depleting. These motives led Jacek and his business partner Krzysztof to create Tunarch. 

“We want to help and refresh the architectural industry by reinventing the ‘design catalogue’. As a new digital platform, Tunarch uses an intuitive and accurate sorting and filtering engine that works tirelessly to connect the right projects with the right people. Imagine the happiness of clients being able to review an unlimited number of designs in a digital catalogue with only a few clicks.” he adds.

How can Tunarch connect you to your Future Clients?

Instead of using huge quantities of resources and tools to get noticed by a few people from the crowd, Tunarch flips the model and lets you capitalise on your existing portfolio of design works. 

By bringing together Designers, Recruiters and Real Estate Developers of all scales for a value-based collaboration, Tunarch connects through a clean and rapid framework that allows you to publish projects and use searching tools that speak the language of both clients and recruiters. With the abundance of architectural data and information on the internet, it is important to know ‘how’ you publish your projects. Tunarch is here to save your time, increase your online safety, boost accessibility, and elevate your digital presence. by bringing together Designers, Recruiters and Real Estate Developers of all scales for a value-based collaboration.

If you want to be found by new clients or search for new talents to join your business, you should explore new possibilities and connect your design portfolio with a global audience. 

Tunarch is one of the sponsors for the 2022 Disrupt Business of Architecture Symposium coming to you this Spring- 1-5 of May. The event gathers major players in the Architecture industry, C-level executives from celebrity architecture firms. 

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Balancing market need and demand, solving your personal business struggles and elevating your ambition with clarity and confidence takes work. And if you want to live a fulfilling personal life, having time for family and friends, you want to elevate your professional game. 

The First edition of Disrupt brings you SOM, Gensler, BIG, Snohetta, Perkins and Will, UnStudio, Zaha Hadid Architects, OMA-AMO, ARUP, Safdie Architects, Woods Bagot, Amanda Levete Architects, WallaceLiu, Simone de Gale and many others. 

The event is sponsored by Graphisoft, Z by HP, Teradici, Chaos and Tunarch.

Topics revolve around business strategy, business development, client acquisition, financial management, sales, marketing, communications, branding, social media, public relations, the business of expertise, expert positioning, publishing online and in print, leadership, team building, recruitment, retention, and leaving a legacy behind.

And if all this wasn’t enough, you will have plenty of opportunities to work with your personal business coach either in a group coaching format, 1:1 or even hire experienced experts to help your business development and growth. 

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