A street meet-up is going to take place on Thursday, June 11th after 18:30 at Pitch, celebrating the launch of the third issue of Desired Landscapes, a magazine reading into cities.

When traveling to new places, we usually hunt for the genuine, the truest. Is there a single story to provide a convenient coherency for a city’s identity?

The third issue of Desired Landscapes has arrived since March, but COVID-19 put the brakes on our excitement – as it did to the world in general. Now that the sun is out and the streets are (somehow) ours again, we are going ahead with our classic Athens launch. Afterall, every project coming to life, calls for a celebration. 

Join us at Pitch after 18:30, for a street meet-up between city lovers. We will briefly present the magazine, but basically, we would like to meet each other and drink to the new journeys. 

In each issue, there is a writing piece to inspire us for a limited run design object. This time was the city Singapore seen through the eyes of artist Anne-Laure Franchette. Graphic designer Christos Kotsinis gave a surreal turn to the text by illustrating myths and images appearing in Anne-Laure’s words.

Only available at this launch, will be limited linocut postcards.  Come say hi and grab your favorites!

You will find us 10 Melanthiou str at the street level.

Just follow the music tunes and keep a safe distance.

More info in the Facebook event. You can follow Desired Landscapes on Instagram, and subscribe to the Newsletter.


When traveling to new places, we usually hunt for the genuine, the truest. Is there a single story to provide a convenient coherency for a city’s identity?

While avoiding a call for nostalgia, Desired Landscapes is ever curious about the discontent that stems from the narrative leap affecting contemporary cities: is it possible to connect yesterday to tomorrow and affirm a sense of belonging?

Featuring an array of distinct voices reading into a mix of cities:

 The Doubleness of a Map

Map keys, colors and grids explained by book designer Joost Grootens. 

Venice I Saw You, Now You Can Die

Recollections of charm and betrayal, of uprisings and identity loss, in a post-breakup letter to Venice.

Laboratory Eden

Tamed wilderness. Symbols and myths in the man-made green terrains of Singapore.

The City Between Two Worlds

An answer to the refugee crisis from the future, a meeting of continents and civilizations in the liminal space of Lampedusa. 

Affects of Cities 

The persistent influence of feelings, shaping cities and bodies alike. 

The Last Kingsland

The disappearance of Kingsland Road, an ephemeral mosaic of vital contradictions, in London.

Tropicalized Art-Deco

Concrete outweighs ornaments, while a concealed pool stands as an homage to Le Corbusier, in Mexico City.

More information on the Desired Landscapes project here.

You can now participate in the giveaway of Desired Landscapes Issue 3 on Archisearch’s Facebook page!