Text by Lila Koufopoulou 
A few of the things I was always interested in was the truth and the knowledge that you already have within yourself through the invisible world of feelings, emotions and dreams. PAINTING THE UNSEEN – DREAMS is a metaphor about the transformations within our lives and its heroine is a special woman who plays a vital role in the Greek myth of “EROS & PSYCHE”:  the Princess Psyche.
Princess Psyche is within all of us. Every woman who succeeds through the difficulties of her life to become stronger, wiser, more worthy to love herself and others, more worthy to be loved… Contemporary references into the lives of Natives in US, describe how Indian Natives not only believed in dreams, but they included their messages in the decisions and plans of their every day life. 
In Ancient Greece, references for the treatments of various illnesses through the symbolisms of dreams are widely well known. 
Asclepius cured his patients in his temples through a series of rituals for body and soul. Patients had to drink water from fountains near his temples, sink into relaxing baths and follow specific ways of relaxation to reach a deep peace and calm. After that, they were relaxing and sleeping into the “Avaton” and every time they were awakened, they described their dreams to the healers. 
In my series DREAMS, Psyche acquires every stimulus that becomes a revealing answer for her and formulates it artistically by abstract and contemplative forms, believing deeply that dreams can be: a new beginning, a fresh adventure, a secret and mysterious laboratory, a message from our subconscious that may give solutions, may warn and/or may predict an in future act. 
Lila always knew that her bliss is in the arts. Following her early studies in painting, she focused in becoming Art Director working with Fortune 500 companies and global brands in the Advertising industry for more than a decade, winning important European distinctions.
Working with different communication techniques to diverse audiences and reflecting on her restless and creative nature, Lila led to further to postgraduate education in Boston-USA and later in establishing herself as a credible presence in the world of fine arts.
Her three art series in different media (abstract video art, painting and poetry) under the title “PAINTING THE UNSEEN – Trilogy ABOUT SOUL” with a special emphasis on the 3rd part DREAMS, are creatively vibrant, flowing and distinctive; her paintings show a unique synthesis of colourful imagery drawn from the world of feelings, passion and the unconscious, all converging to deeply touch the senses and enhance the environment they are displayed in. 
Archisearch - Indian Talismans for Saatchi Gallery / Lila KoufopoulouINDIAN TALISMANS FOR SAATCHI GALLERY / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Fruits of the Subconscious for Saatchi Gallery / Lila KoufopoulouFRUITS OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS FOR SAATCHI GALLERY / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Fish out of Familiar Waters / Lila KoufopoulouFISH OUT OF FAMILIAR WATERS / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Earth as Jewels in the Cosmic Neckless for Saatchi Gallery / Lila KoufopoulouEARTH AS JEWELS IN THE COSMIC NECKLESS FOR SAATCHI GALLERY / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Dream Dynamics for Saatchi Gallery / Lila KoufopoulouDREAM DYNAMICS FOR SAATCHI GALLERY / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - A Dream is Born / Lila KoufopoulouA DREAM IS BORN / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Swirling Foams cut, Santorini, Lighter, for Saatchi Gallery / Lila KoufopoulouSWIRLING FOAMS CUT, SANTORINI, LIGHTER, FOR SAATCHI GALLERY / LILA KOUFOPOULOU
Archisearch - Angel`s Wing, cut A` Santorini / Lila KoufopoulouANGEL`S WING, CUT A` SANTORINI / LILA KOUFOPOULOU