Simulacro is an ephemeral installation that aims to stimulate senses and spirits within the everyday and the mundane.

When we observe closely, we allow ourselves to understand what surrounds us, to imagine about this reality, to form an opinion, to reflect.

This intervention converts non-place into a circumstance that catalyses imagination. Here resources converge, capable of creating space and time for contemplation , observation and reflection on reality.

Why do not we stop more often?

Is it  the lack of spaces that allow it? Or rather the lack of spaces that provoke it?

The installation simulacro (podia ser realidade) creates living spaces, ephemeral spaces, that call you to stop and provoke observation, stimulating memories and imagination.

Simulacro aims to awaken the senses and the imagination of the passerby to the heart of the city of Santa Maria da Feira, where the Caster River runs every day. Like him, we walk past the city without observing it. This is an unconscious act common to all of us that manage ourselves by a schedule, activity, commitment, or purpose.

During the design process we rediscover the course of this river that unravels the core of one of the oldest blocks of the city. This core reveals what we dare to call non-place, because it is not the result of a plan of its own but rather the result of everything that happens around it.

This non-place has both remnant and potentiality and therefore we intend to temporarily transform it into a (ephemeral) space, giving it conditions to create permanence.

Therefore, the first goal of this intervention is to transform non-place into an ephemeral space of being.

This ephemeral space causes permanence that triggers observation and contemplation. When we allow ourselves to truly observe, we allow ourselves to understand what surrounds us, to imagine about this reality, to form criticism, to reflect.

To do so, we put an accessible safety net over the river. Once in the net, the public is hovering over the river – a natural reflector that generates innumerable points of view. Each of them can be a different trigger of thoughts and therefore of criticism and reflection.

Simulacro (it could be reality) starts from the vision of a group of architects who, through the discipline of architecture  intend to transform non-place into an ephemeral space and foster reflection and criticism about the public’s claim of public space.

Facts and Credits

Author Pedro Henrique

C0-authors André Rocha, João Silva, Margarida Pais, Rafaela Silva, Teresa Leite

Metal Structure Entreferros Serralharia Construções Metálicas, Lda. (Jorge Silva)

Cargo Net Structure Carlos Sousa, Lda.

Painting Tintas Neuce

Location  Rua dos Descobrimentos, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Photography  Ivo Tavares Studio ( )


ΕΣΩ 2024 // DOWN TO EARTH // Archisearch Lifetime Achievement Awards_Ελένη Βερναδάκη | Συνέντευξη με την συγγραφέα της μονογραφίας της Ευγενία Αλεξάκη: "Η αφή είναι κρίσιμης σημασίας για την πρόσληψη των έργων της, προσφέροντας έναν ιδιαίτερο υλικό, απτικό αισθησιασμό."