NNDO x EKKY STUDIO ARCHITECTS designed Seven Hôtel in Paris, a hotel renovation around the concept of integrating architecture and interior design. 

The Seven Hôtel Glamour is a four-star Parisian hotel situated in the vibrant Latin Quarter of the 5th arrondissement, near the famous Mouffetard market. This boutique hotel offers 35 wellappointed rooms, consisting of 28 stylish standard rooms and 7 uniquely themed suites.

Εach suite composed to embody the essence of the number 7.

The hotel’s themed suites showcase the seamless integration of architecture and interior design, with each suite composed to embody the essence of the number 7. For instance, Suite 006, aptly named “The Seventh Sin”, entices guests with its sensuality, combining architectural elements and interior aesthetics to create an alluring atmosphere. Suite 106, known as “The Seventh Art”, pays homage to cinema, captivating guests with vintage movie posters and carefully curated props that seamlessly blend with the architectural details of the space. The remaining suites, such as “The Seventh World”, “The Seven Chakras”, “The Seventh Day”, “The Seventh Heaven”, and “The Seventh Note” offer unique architectural experiences that harmonize with their respective themes.

The standard rooms display the hotel’s commitment to elegant architecture and interior design.

Neon lights suspended above the bed headboards add a touch of contemporary sophistication, while the thoughtful color schemes, ranging from mustard yellow to terracotta and dark blue, infuse each room with a fashionable ambiance. The bathrooms feature clean and minimalist designs, further emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to a cohesive aesthetic.

  Delving deeper into the architectural vision, the hotel’s basement-level SPA showcase attention to detail. The design creates a serene and chapel-like atmosphere, utilizing earthy materials, carefully selected lighting fixtures, and architectural elements that immerse guests in a tranquil space, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The ground floor encompasses a guest-only breakfast and bar area, where architecture and interior design come together to simulate the ambiance of a stylish Parisian apartment. The space is adorned with a feature library, blending architectural elements with a curated collection of books, plants, and decorative objects. The outdoor patio, furnished with rattan chairs and surrounded by vibrant plants, offers an oasis-like retreat that harmoniously balances architecture with nature.

The hotel’s reception area serves as a gateway to its architectural and interior design journey. Here, guests are greeted with a welcoming ambiance, created by the thoughtful placement of plants, original art pieces, and warm-colored furniture. The design elements combine to create an inviting space that sets the tone for the hotel’s overall aesthetic. 

Facts & Credits
Typology Architecture, Interior, Design, Hospitality
Paris, France
Status Completed, 2019
1.150 m2 
Lead Architects Kenzo Yamashita, Elina Kritikou
Design Team Alexis Mavros
Photography Nicolas Anetson
Text by the authors