Architects of Pareil, redesign an apartment in Marseille, seeking natural light and openness. 

-text by the authors

The apartment’s building is located in Marseille in the Endoume area, a few blocks away from the Catalans beach.

Before our intervention, a large enclosed kitchen stood in the corner of the living-room making it an uncomfortable and dark L-shaped space.

The project consisted mainly in opening and rotating the kitchen. Right from the entrance, the apartment feels much bigger and brighter as the living area is now made of one single space.

The pink terrazzo kitchen counter top was custom-made in Marseille in only two pieces. All the storages and shelves are bespoke.

Facts & Credits
Title NICE – Marseille 07
Typology Architecture, Interior
Location Marseille – France
Area 75 m2
Status Completed, 2022
Architects Pareil
Photography Gabrielle Voinot