LILY is a  floating structure, which offers a new playful and sensorial experience, on the central lake of the Futuroscope.

Made up of five giant buoys moored to a deck of 40m diameter, the installation is aimed at a wide audience, offering several ideas of use.

The deck is a soothing walk, which invites to contemplate the large white volumes in τheir relationship with the water.

The buoys which host trampolines, are fun spots for those who want to jump or resting places for those who just dream of lying in the sun. You can stroll, take a walk, venture on the mesh bridges to reach the trampolines, jump and bounce constantly …

Vibrant under the twists and jumps, the  whole structure reacts to spontaneous movements, it resonates with the joyful spirit of people it amplifies in return. The handrail of a length of 200m solidifies the entire design, which σeems to almost come to life from so much energy transfer.

‘‘The magic of the water, the unpredictability
of the movements, the happiness of moving,
create strong moments where weightlessness,
euphoria and wonder mix.’’

Specifically, Lily, it is 500 hours of studies, 1400 hours of realization, 1200 hours of assembly on the spot. It consists of 1000m² of canvas, 410m² of braided mesh and 450m3 of air.

The techniques and materials used for the realization of the installations combine manufacture and new technologies, making it possible to reach important scales within a relatively short production time.

Easy to install, light and with minimal impact on the ground, the installations  leave no trace behind them. They can be moved, disassembled and completely recycled.


Project description
Floating leisure structure, consisting of five inflatable buoys of 10 meters in diameter, connected by a circular deck of 40 meters in diameter and one safety railing.

    Welded membrane for inflatable structure
    Ferrari Precontraint 1302 S
    White color
    Thickness 1,02mm
    1350 g / m²
  2. Welded membrane for trampolines
    Ferrari Soltis FT 381
    Gray and black colors
    Thickness 0.95mm
    550 g / m²
    Porosity 28%
  3. Welded membrane for inflatable structure
    Ferrari Précontraint 502 S
    Random Olympic colors
  4. Nylon mesh, for security
    Mixed color 50% white, 50% anthracite
    Thickness 2.5mm
    Square mesh 30x30mm
  5. Nylon mesh, for walk
    Mixed color 50% white, 50% anthracite
    Thickness 4.5mm
    Square mesh 30x30mm
  6. Custom metal parts
    304 Stainless steel
    Color RAL 9010
    Epoxy spray paint
  7. Custom floating modules
    304 Stainless Steel
    Color RAL 9010
    Epoxy spray paint
  8. Textured aluminum plates
    Natural color
  9. Flexible air supply hoses
    and accessories

Airtech turbines
Mides fans
Digital pressure Indicators

WAO, a company created with a dream of an alternative, flexible and playful architectures.

This is the story of a dream of alternative,flexible and playful architectures capable  to generate attraction and interaction by temporarily transforming the public space into playground.

It is the story of encounters, betweencrazy projects and people able to give them a concrete form.

Exhibited in the urban space, our structures reveal the cultural potential of the city by encouraging real human experiences. Momentarily transformed by the presence of these curious objects, out of step with the everyday life, these places attract new audiences.

‘‘ WAO is a company that creates temporary
structures and installations, resulting from a
broader reflection on the needs of animation
and art, in the urban spaces.’’

©WAO was created in 2017 by Irina Cristea, David Joulin and Grégoire Zündel.
All WAO projects were built with TP Arquitectura, specialist in temporary structures, represented by Anton and Adria Miserachs.
Wild Architectural Object

Facts and Credits

Project LILY
Date 2017-2019
Duration of the studies : 10 months
Duration of the construction : 3 months
Duration of the installation : 2 weeks


Η Σχολή των Αθηνών. Μπιενάλε Αρχιτεκτονικής Βενετίας 2018| στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη από το Αρχιτεκτονικό Γραφείο Neiheiser Argyros| 3 Σεπτεμβρίου- 11 Οκτωβρίου