After the burnt of the previous-one, emixi architects took over the creation of the new community hall of  a village in Bussy-sur-Moudon. 

Local craftsmen played a crucial role in the creation of the project, in order to highlight “the local know-how”.

Lying on the outskirts of Bussy-sur-Moudon, this village community hall replaces the latest which burned down in 2019.

The hall is designed in a wooden frame structure which opens up transversally both towards the village’s center and the landscape in the background. It rests on a half subterranean base, which accommodates a garage and allows for the new premises for the municipal administration.

The ground floor plan reflects the apparent simplicity of the exterior. The spatial qualities of the room are enhanced by the seamlessness of the mineral floor and the rhythm given by the acoustic timber ceiling, both treated in neutral tones.

At its center, a single technical volume groups the necessary services such as the kitchen and sanitaries.

Forming a “house within a house”, it articulates the plan and allows the separation with the entrance hall, thus giving a hierarchy to the whole.

In this simple environment, specific colors highlight key elements of the project, such as the deep blue impregnation of the central core’s wooden surface or in the facade the green horizontal metallic line framing an horizon 2m80 expressed by the height of the main entrance and the windows, also found throughout the room.

All the craftsmen, essential protagonists to the project, are located within a radius of 30km – therefore highlighting our ambition to put forward the local know-how by identifying itself with its territory.

Credits & Details

client: municipality of Bussy-sur-Moudon
architect: emixi architectes sàrl
engineer: Dr Lüchinger+Meyer Ingénieurs civils SA
category: competition by invitation
program: community hall et municipality premises
construction: 2020-2021
photography: Karina Castro