In the enchanting landscapes of Comporta, Casa Serena emerges as a residential estate concept, embodying the tranquility and serenity of this magical place on the Atlantic shores of Portugal. Architecture and design firm MVP interprets local architectural heritage, embedding a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience within the raw beauty of the Comporta region.

In harmony with nature

The design of Casa Serena reflects a fusion of traditional aesthetics with contemporary minimalism, drawing inspiration from both brutalist and minimalist typologies. It is envisioned as a secluded retreat where the whispers of nature remain unaltered, and the architecture seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Graceful living spaces unfold through a refined palette of earth-toned concrete, local woods, thatched roofs, and steel accents. The mélange of inward and outward-facing spaces creates a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay. Sacral openings in the façade and retractable windows accentuate the fluid transition from the intimate ambiance within to the allure of the encompassing natural environment.

A private sanctuary with all amenities

Casa Serena’s original design comprises two master suites and two additional bedrooms—each with en-suite bathrooms, with one featuring an additional roofed outdoor shower area.

The main house also includes a centrally located roofed lounge with an open fireplace, an indoor living room and library, dining space, kitchen, prep kitchen, two powder rooms, a gym with a relaxation area, a meditation room, a wine cellar, a games room, and various storage and functional facilities. All spaces are outlined by the corridor on the front facade, which provides entrance at the center and the edges of the building, and the open colonnade, whose pillars rest gently upon the sands, on the back facade.

The semi-enclosed pool house accommodates a kitchen, a bathroom, and additional spaces for mixed use, all connected to the pool deck. The main house and pool house are positioned parallel to each other, creating a feeling of solitude and privacy between them.

Versatility for development

The underlying concept, articulated through the rhythm of structural elements and the configuration and connection of levels and semi-enclosed spaces, facilitates flexible alignment based on property requirements while preserving the integrity of the original design.

About MVP
Founded by Sascha Mayer and Tom Van Puyvelde, MVP is a Berlin and Antwerp-based architecture and design firm, renowned for its commitment to creating spaces that elevate life experiences. MVP specializes in architectural design, interior design, object design, and art integration, with ongoing residential and hospitality projects in various European destinations

Facts & Credits

Project title: Casa Serena

Project type: Architecture | Residence

Project location: Comporta, Portugal

Architecture: MVP

Text: Provided by the authors