Job description

Having recently graduated with a MArch degree from the WSA and qualified as a RIBA Part II Architect, I hold a special interest in renovation and creative re-use of existing buildings, which I am hoping to explore further in the future.
Through my experience in working within different contexts, I have gained the ability to adapt with ease to different working environments. I have had the opportunity to experience architecture from different perspectives, working as an architect, an engineering and architectural assistant, an architectural photographer and directly at the construction site alongside local workers during my volunteering trips to Africa and Southeast Asia. Recently, I have been working on exhibition booths, submerging myself into the design, prefabrication, construction and build – up process of temporary structures, which has further deepen my understanding of material properties and building logistics.
I consider myself a highly motivated and flexible person with a demonstrated capacity to work both individually and as a member of a team. I am currently looking for an opportunity to expand my skills and experience within the architectural spectrum, while continuously pursuing my interest in creative and sustainable building renovation in my own small-scale projects.
If you would like to found out more about my work and CV please get in touch.